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This is a 7 week program designed to teach you the basics of sports nutrition, eating for training, recovery and general great health. I have designed it and its meal plan to be IN PLACE of seeing me for a consultation.

It is designed to be ‘self paced’ and user friendly. It includes a complete meal plan, recipes, program guidelines, shopping lists, food diary and much more. All in easy to download PDF format. View the introduction.

Uberhealth for Athletes

Coming in 2017

There are a few types of education packages available.

  1. Sports Nutrition Education for practitioners and students of nutrition and naturopathy or personal training.
  • Basics of sports nutrition
  • Advanced sports nutrition
  • Endurance and ultra-endurance sports nutrition
  • Weight loss and the athlete
  • Many more to come


  1. Sports Nutrition education for athletes and those becoming involved in sports that are interested in learning more about their bodies and how to fuel them.
  • General sports nutrition
  • Advanced sports nutrition
  • Endurance and Ultra sports nutrition
  • Weight loss and the athlete
  • More to come


  1. General Naturopathic/ health education
  • 7 week clean eating/weight loss program
  • Advanced 7 week clean eating program


  1. Group Mentoring sessions in sports nutrition
  • Once a month for 6 months
  • Limit of 10 students per group
  • Live video conference for 1.5 hours
  • Private facebook group for discussion during the month
  • Lectures, case studies and handouts
  • This is for the practitioner or student of Naturopathy or Nutrition looking for an in-depth education and discussion about sports nutrition, cases, and supplements etc.
  • Ability to continue on with advanced groups once the initial 6 months is finished
  • Please email Kira directly if you are interested in joining a mentoring group at kira.sutherland@gmail.com
  • Cost for 6 months is $360 plus gst ( $60 per session)

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