Bec Hoschke – Australian Ironman Champion

Kira Sutherland has been a major part of my triathlon career since first starting the sport in 2006 and my development to a professional athlete level. Kira has not only helped me with my sports nutrition in training – but also has helped me immensely with my lifestyle, my health and well-being as a mentor and as a friend. I feel extremely fortunate and lucky to have met Kira and the opportunity to learn and grow from her advice, recommendations and specialist expertise.

Training and race nutrition is fundamental to performance in triathlon, especially competing at an elite level. Together and with Kira’s extensive sports nutrition experience we have developed and tailored a nutrition plan which suits my needs and allows me to perform to my potential. Thank you so much Kira for being such a huge part of my team. My results would not have been possible without your input. I love working with you :-). You have been instrumental to my development personally and my career. I look forward to my journey ahead and having your knowledge and guidance continue to be a special part of it….

Winter Sport Nutrition Online Course B1