My Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Gift giving can be a tough one so I thought I would put together a few things that would be guaranteed to put a smile on my face. Some luxuries, some necessities, some that are healthy and some that are not quite as much..

My favourite thing to do is give a gift that shows you know the person but also one that pays tribute to the bond in our relationship by being something I am proud and happy to spend my money on..

1. Create Oils Blends for your family and mates and add beautiful labels like these stunning ones from Share Oils

2. When you sleep, your body and mind regenerate from the stress of the day so learning how to get decent sleep is a game changer. I am looking at an Oura Ring for myself

3. I would love nothing more than for someone to gift me a juice cleanse.. what a way to start the new year

4. I have already done this subscription for myself but may well gift a friend one too .. the gift that keeps on giving to you and the world..

5. This cookbook is simply a delicious spread of nourishing food full of flavour with amazing ingredients

6. Kynd Perfume These are natural perfume options for women striving to live a chemical-free lifestyle.. I love the packaging and the concept

7. This is such a fab idea for anyone who loves some sparkle.. Easy to apply with your fingers. Plant based glitter.. SO cute

8. This skincare range is my little luxury, with pure ingredients and clinically proven it is a favourite for sure. I contacted them and got a discount.. 20% at checkout if you use the code GLOW 

9. Make those Coconut Caramels from my December Newsletter and package them up all pretty for someone you love..

10. This is for the athlete that has everything.. a range of natural sports drinks formulated for kids and adults too.. I contacted them too and got a discount.. 10% at checkout if you use the code KIRA 

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