Today’s corporate reality is one of high stress, where maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle can be extremely difficult and often takes a back seat to the pressures of modern living.

The media and advertising industries also compound this problem by giving us conflicting information about what foods to eat, what to avoid and why fats are now good and carbohydrates are now bad etc.

The health seminars listed below have been specifically designed to give clear, easy to understand facts about real nutrition, healthy eating habits and lifestyle choices. If a person is healthy (in both mind and body) they will feel more vital, have more energy and most importantly will be able to cope with the stress that is so unavoidable in our daily lives.


Eating for health and vitality

  • The real truth about health and nutrition
  • Carbohydrates, proteins and fats demystified
  • Blood sugars levels and the glycaemic index
  • Hydration, alcohol and artificial sweeteners
  • What to eat and when to eat

Natural Stress Management

  • Natures 7 doctors – the key to optimum health
  • The basics are what we often overlook, health does not have to be complicated
  • Simple guidelines for minimising stress and increasing vitality
  • Whole foods, sunshine, fresh air, clean water, exercise, rest & emotional / mental wellbeing
  • This is by far the most popular lecture!

Sports Nutrition and Weight Loss

  • Performing at our optimum level in work and sport
  • The basics of exercise physiology and how it effects our waistline
  • Eating pre and post exercise
  • Guidelines for easy fat loss
  • Staying lean with exercise and eating


  • Why detoxification is important (especially if you work in the corporate world)
  • The liver and why it needs to be working well for optimum health
  • How to detox and how not to detox
  • The 7 day detoxification program

Other Possible Lectures

  • It is possible to create other topics if a company has the need
  • This should be discussed well in advance of a lecture date


  • Each lecture is approximately 1 hour with question time to follow
  • Seminars are $2000 each or a series of 3 seminars for $4800
  • Colour handouts are provided
  • Short follow up questions are available to be answered via email
  • Companies must provide an appropriate venue, healthy snacks (if possible) and a projector and screen for the presentation to be viewed
  • Private consultations are also available in house at an extra cost and prior arrangement