I am available for freelance work, where my price is of course available
upon application and size of commitment.

Previous Professional Experience/Clients

Sports Events and Groups –
Sports Nutrition Lecturer for  Nordic Supercamp and CanToo
8 years as consulting Sports Nutritionist for Blackmores Sydney Running Festival

TV, Magazine & Podcasts –
Love & Guts Podcast on Demystifying Carbohydrates
Getaway Show on Channel 9

Understanding Sports Nutrition on FX Medicine Podcast
Sydney Morning Herald (Health and Science)

Natex/Tammy Guest podcast – Finding your niche in clinical practice
Writing for magazines, websites, blogs, and product development/brochures

Public Speaking/ Education –
Lecturing Australia wide for ATMS on Sports Nutrition, Women and Hormones
18 years as an invited Lecturer across the network of Filex / Network / Wafic
Sessional Lecturer at ACNT / Torrens University and Endeavour College Sydney
Course Creation & Delivery for Nature Care College

AIPT sports nutrition education modules
Health Masters Live 8 part education series on sports nutrition

Consulting –
Education and technical consultant to Bioceuticals Australia
Nutrition and naturopathic consultant for  Estee Lauder, Lancome
and Biotherm
Product consulting / formulation for NuZest