eating for sports performance
Optimise Your Diet To Get The Most Out Of Your Exercise And Training

When it comes to eating for sports performance, there’s a big gap in research for women. The truth is, most sports research is centred around men, but men and women…

23 January 2022 | Read More

sports nutrition for women
Sports Nutrition For Active Women

There’s a lot of confusion around sports nutrition for women. And whether you’re an athlete, gym junkie, a runner, wanting to build muscle in midlife, or just need to get…

20 January 2022 | Read More

resolution or evolution
Resolution or evolution

It’s a funny time of year. Many of us have one foot in the past, and the other in the future. It’s a time of deep reflection of the year…

17 December 2021 | Read More

reframe your thinking about food
Reframe Your Thinking About Food

Do you classify the food you eat as either “good” or “bad?” If so, it’s time to reframe your thinking about food. It’s a very common mistake to think that…

7 December 2021 | Read More

Nutrition for active women
Nutrition for Active Women

Did you know that most sports nutrition studies are done on men only? It’s true. Which means understanding nutrition for active women can be a challenge. Here’s the thing –…

4 December 2021 | Read More

Five ways to level up your water

Previously I’ve written about why we need to drink water, and the functions it plays in our bodies. As much as I’m an advocate that knowledge is power, sometimes knowledge…

24 November 2021 | Read More

why hydration is important
Why hydration is so important

There’s been more than one occasion when I’ve had a client sitting with me in clinic who tells me they don’t drink water. Their beverages range from coffee, black tea,…

20 November 2021 | Read More

how much protein do you need every day
How Much Protein Do You Need Every Day?

One of the questions I get over and over is, “How much protein do you need every day?” And as with most things, the answer is – it depends. Many…

19 October 2021 | Read More

everything you need to know about snacking
Everything You Need to Know About Snacking

I have seen many a weightless plan be completely unhinged due to sneaky snack calories. On the flip side, I have also seen many training athletes lose strength and endurance…

4 August 2021 | Read More

foundations of nutrition application
The Foundations of Nutrition Application

I was so pleased to recently be a guest on Leila Lutz’s podcast, The Body Never Lies. You can listen here or visit Leila’s website here. In this episode, we…

20 July 2021 | Read More