Nutrition-based Weight Loss Strategies

a 2hr masterclass for practitioners featuring effective weight-loss strategies and insights from 30 years of clinical practice


Are you tired of feeling weighed down by the struggles of weight loss?

With so much information available, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin.

It can be a daunting topic, but it doesn't have to be!

Many practitioners shy away from it, but the truth is, most of us are seeking guidance in this area. 

Join this webinar for a journey of weight-loss simplification with Naturopath and Sports Nutritionist, Kira Sutherland. With 30 years of clinical experience, she has found what works and is excited to share it with you, both on the practitioner's level and for the health-conscious looking for better solutions.

This lecture is not about restrictive diets but rather an empowering overview of the options available to all of us on our weight loss journey, including sports nutrition strategies that benefit weight-loss.

Discover a new perspective on weight loss and achieve the results you've been hoping for with your clients!


The knowledge shared in this workshop is primarily designed for health and wellness practitioners and students, however, we believe it also highly useful information for anyone who wants to better understand weight loss in a healthy and sustainable way. So anyone who wishes to enrol, including general public, personal trainers, athletes, fitness enthusiasts and health coaches, is welcome.

Our modern world is plagued by an obesity epidemic, with countless people seeking safe, effective, and lasting solutions to their weight-related issues. As a dedicated health professional, I understand the importance of providing clients with the best possible guidance and support. I'm sure you do too.

Which is why I've created this webinar for practitioners and health professionals.

By mastering effective nutritional weight loss strategies, you can help your clients achieve good weight loss results and feel healthier, happier, and more confident.

 There are some other great benefits you can get from this knowledge, such as: 

Addressing Individual Needs

Each person is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach may not be the most effective way to help your clients lose weight. By understanding a variety of nutritional weight loss strategies, you can tailor your recommendations to suit individual needs and preferences, increasing the likelihood of success.

Combating Misinformation

The weight loss industry is saturated with fad diets, false claims, and misinformation. As a trusted health practitioner, you can provide your clients with evidence-based, safe, and sustainable weight loss strategies, guiding them away from potentially harmful or ineffective methods.

Building Trust and Rapport

Clients are more likely to adhere to your recommendations if they trust your expertise and feel that you understand their goals and challenges. By staying up-to-date with the latest research and best practices in nutritional weight loss, you can demonstrate your commitment to their well-being and gain their confidence.

Enhancing Motivation and Accountability

It's common for clients to struggle with motivation and consistency when attempting to lose weight. By offering a range of evidence-based strategies and tools, you can help your clients stay focused, overcome setbacks, and remain accountable to their goals.

Providing Long-term Solutions

Crash diets and quick fixes often lead to short-lived results and rebound weight gain. By focusing on effective nutritional weight loss strategies, you can equip your clients with the skills and knowledge needed to maintain their weight loss over time, promoting lifelong health and wellness.

Great Results & Happy Clients

By being a reliable source of information and support, you can empower your clients to overcome their weight loss challenges and enjoy a healthier, more fulfilling life, making a lasting difference in the lives of your clients. 

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Uberhealthy Weight Loss Strategies for Practitioners

The training lecture part of the webinar will be 90 minutes covering the following topics:

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Eating for Weight Loss:

  • What it takes to lose a kilo (pound)
  • Is it calories in calories out?
  • Macros
  • Diet styles
  • Intermittent fasting and cyclical weight loss
  • Supplements and herbal medicine

What your body needs for weight loss:

  • Nutrition for weight loss
  • Exercise physiology and the mitochondria
  • Impact of cortisol and sleep on weight loss
  • What else works?
  • 101 weight loss strategies and insights 
Weight Loss Strategies for Naturopaths & Nutritionists

The lecture includes a 30min Q&A session answering questions on the topic.


Nutrition-based Weight Loss Strategies

a webinar for practitioners featuring effective weight-loss strategies and insights from 30 years of clinical practice


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Sports Nutritionist, Naturopath, Lecturer

Kira Sutherland is a Naturopathic Sports Nutritionist to some of the world's best athletes. She also lectures and mentors upcoming practitioners in the field of sports nutrition, and offers online courses for supporting athletes, trainers and sports enthusiasts how to nourish the body to achieve peak performance and fitness.

Using her 30 years of clinical experience she has combined her knowledge of Naturopathic medicine with education in sports nutrition to create a truly wholistic approach to optimising performance for athletes and those striving for optimum health - especially women.

Having lectured both within Australia and internationally on all things Naturopathic and sports nutrition, she is passionate about teaching people to take care of their bodies for the long term, not just treating them in the present moment.

Kira believes that the role of a practitioner is to empower and teach clients to take care of themselves, to give them as much knowledge as possible.


Nutrition-based Weight Loss Strategies That Work

a masterclass for practitioners featuring effective weight-loss strategies and insights from 30 years of clinical practice


CPD Certificate Provided Upon Completion.