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I am an experienced Nutritionist and Naturopath that specialises in Sports Nutrition. I have been working in health education for over 20 years with an array of clients both within Australia and overseas. My collaborations have ranged from private colleges, health conferences, executives, sports teams, individual athletes and the media.
I am best know for my straight forward, dynamic teaching style and I like to think I educate people rather than just treat them.
In my spare time I train and compete in Ironman triathlon as I like to practice what I preach. I am available for private consultations, freelance writing, corporate health lectures and much more.

Kind Words

  • Together and with Kira’s extensive sports nutrition experience we have developed and tailored a nutrition plan which suits my needs and allows me to perform to my potential.

    Bec Hoschke – Australian Ironman Champion
  • The most well-presented, interesting, easy to understand workshop I have ever attended. Thank you so much Kira, you make me want to learn more!

    Sydney participant – Sports Nutrition Seminars
  • Kira is a brilliant presenter who makes the amazing amount of information palatable and memorable at the same time. Brilliant at tying in participants questions to the topic/slides at hand. Great side stories with the slides which help with the information at hand. Thank you.

    Canberra participant – Sports Nutrition Seminars


Kira is available for private consultations, freelance writing, corporate health lectures and much more.


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