What Works For Weight Loss & How To Action It

Effective weight-loss strategies and insights from 30 years of clinical practice
Presented by Kira Sutherland & Dr. Cam McDonald


CPD certificate provided upon completion.

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Everyone is different and complex. Yet the general social media themes out there make weight loss generic and simplistic. Creating successful weight loss for one is completely different to creating it for another.


We experience variations in the way our genes interact with the environment, leading to distinct outcomes in several aspects:

  1. These variations result in physiological differences within our autonomic nervous system, hormonal balance, and the behaviour of adipose and muscle tissues.
  2. They are also associated with distinctions in our anatomical composition, including organ structure, skeletal framework, and weight distribution.
  3. Additionally, our behaviours and our relationship with food are influenced by these differences, which stem from the unique combination of our genetic makeup, hormonal profile, and environmental influences.

Fortunately machine learning, decades of research and data allows the patterns of all of these features to be seen in a comprehensive and satisfying way. 

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In this 90min class we'll cover:

  • Carb, protein, fat and calorie calculations, when are they needed and how to action them with clients.
  • Meal planning, dos, and don’ts
  • Putting it all together, Kira’s 10-point plan and case studies
  • How to spot low energy availability (undereating), how to assess the situation and suggestions to rectify it.
  • Using sports nutrition principles in the weight loss game
  • Supplement ideas

Featuring a guest lecture with Dr Cameron McDonald CEO of Precision Health Alliance on chronobiology and physiological diversity who will talk for 30 minutes on biological individuality, chronobiology, rhythms and the physiological differences that alter weight loss strategies.

The lecture includes a 30min Q&A session at the end to answer all attendee questions on the topic.


What works for weight loss and how to action it!

This content will change your lens on weight loss forever, you will have less judgement of your clients, support them to have a better body image at any size, and understand the principles that support highly successful changes in their body composition to create their healthiest and happiest selves


CPD certificate provided upon completion.


The knowledge shared in this workshop is primarily designed for health and wellness practitioners and students, however, we believe it also highly useful information for anyone who wants to better understand weight loss in a healthy and sustainable way. So anyone who wishes to enrol, including general public, personal trainers, athletes, fitness enthusiasts and health coaches, is welcome.

Level 2 Lecturers

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Presenter: Kira Sutherland

Sports Nutritionist, Naturopath, Lecturer

Kira Sutherland is a Naturopathic Sports Nutritionist to some of the world's best athletes. She also lectures and mentors upcoming practitioners in the field of sports nutrition, and offers online courses for supporting athletes, trainers and sports enthusiasts how to nourish the body to achieve peak performance and fitness.

Using her 30 years of clinical experience she has combined her knowledge of Naturopathic medicine with education in sports nutrition to create a truly wholistic approach to optimising performance for athletes and those striving for optimum health - especially women.

Having lectured both within Australia and internationally on all things Naturopathic and sports nutrition, she is passionate about teaching people to take care of their bodies for the long term, not just treating them in the present moment.

Kira believes that the role of a practitioner is to empower and teach clients to take care of themselves, to give them as much knowledge as possible.

Presenter: Dr Cam McDonald, PhD

Dr. Cam McDonald, a renowned expert in precision and personalised health, holds a PhD in chronic disease prevention, combining his roles as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Accredited Practising Dietitian. He's a Fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine. As CEO of the Precision Health Alliance, he leads education for health professionals in precision health and technology. The mission: eradicate chronic disease and establish health as the norm by 2050.

Dr. Cam specialises in tailoring approaches based on individual biology, incorporating nutrition, exercise, endocrinology, and more. He educates various audiences on the impact of environment on health and leverages technology for healthy behavior change. Dr Cam leaves an indelible mark on the audience through adding humour to and simplifying complex concepts like the complexity of health principles, infuse hope and stimulate action. He leaves a lasting impression on audiences, alongside his collaborator Kira, sharing their combined knowledge with practitioners.

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What works for weight loss and how to action it!

Effective weight-loss strategies and insights from 35+ years of clinical practice.


CPD certificate provided upon completion.