This guide has been created to assist you in the weeks leading up to your marathon, including race day.

Getting your nutrition and hydration right is vital to ensuring you maximise your efforts during training and have a safe journey. This information can be used by anyone participating in a marathon, from first timers to regular marathoners and professionals.

I will show you what fuel you need, and when, to help take your run further.

Well Beings Keep Running!

UH 700x380(8) Fuelling for Endurance E-Book AUD 29.00 (including 10% GST)

“I bought this ebook to help me guide some clients who were doing their first marathon. It’s brilliant!! So well laid out and clearly explaining everything - it was so great to have a clear guide to build my confidence in this area! Thanks again! ”

NSW, Australia

Fuelling for Endurance Ebook

The Fuelling for Endurance e-book includes:

  • General nutrition for training weeks
  • What to eat before training
  • What to eat post-training
  • Protein & Carbohydrate recommendations for endurance training
  • Hydration recommendations
  • How to use sports drinks & carbohydrate gels effectively
  • Race week nutrition guide
  • Example 1 day meal plan
  • Race morning nutrition preparation
  • Fuelling during the event
  • Example race plan
  • How to get nutrition right on race day


Kira Sutherland is a Naturopathic Sports Nutritionist to some of the world's best athletes, and mentor to upcoming practitioners in the field of sports nutrition.

With 25+ years of clinical experience, Kira combines her knowledge of Naturopathic medicine with education in sports nutrition to create a truly wholistic approach to optimising performance for athletes and those striving for fitness and optimum health.

Having lectured both within Australia and internationally on all things Naturopathic and sports nutrition, Kira is passionate about teaching people to take care of their bodies for the long term, not just treating them in the present moment. Kira believes that the role of a practitioner is to empower and teach their clients to take care of themselves, to give them as much knowledge as possible. And, that is exactly what this ebook delivers.


Kira Sutherland Sydney Australia

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