Mentoring Program: Naturopathic Sports Nutrition for Naturopaths & Nutritionists

Naturopathic Sports Nutrition Mentoring

As a practitioner and lecturer of Naturopathy, Nutrition and Sports Nutrition for over 25 years it is my great pleasure to also make available an online mentoring program that runs for 6 months that is available to final year students and practitioners of Naturopathy and Nutrition.

I am now in my 6th year of running online mentoring programs and am excited to announce my new format for a more in depth and interactive experience.

The success of these groups has seen me work closely together with people from all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany, Canada and the USA.

The next 6-month group starts in July 2021.

Training Modules

Naturopathic Sports Nutrition Course


Exercise physiology, Macronutrient needs of athletes, and recovery nutrition.



Endurance sports, eating before and during training.



Strength sports, weight gain and protein.



Teenage athletes, team sports and hydration.



Women, reproductive cycles, REDS and weight loss.



Meal planning, supplements, and drugs in sports.

About the Training

This training is limited to 10 people only per intake.

There are 2 live training sessions held online via Zoom per month.

The first session of the month is a lecture on a specific topic in sports nutrition as well as questions during the lecture.

The second session of the month which occurs two weeks later is an in-depth discussion of the topic covered in the first session, as well as a case study or other tool to better understand the topic of the month.

I use Zoom for the video lectures as it allows for all participants to interact with each other as well as myself.

A private Facebook group has been created so students can chat throughout the training months and share resources, research, recipes that you may find. You might even like to ask specific questions about your clients too.

Audio, video and screen-share recordings of each training will be available for you to review or replay following each training session. I also provide lecture notes for your reference. All information will be available for you to access online and refer to at anytime on my membership site.

Kira Sutherland Australia 2

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this mentoring course! Loved it!

Kira is engaging, passionate and knowledgeable and provides great opportunity for questions and cases.

I loved the sports specific information and feel so much more confident around this now, but one of the most valuable things about it for me was actually how well the nutritional information translates into treating recreational athletes, occasional exercises and the general population too.

And of course, given that my patients are primarily women, the information about cycle specific training and nutrition in the course was invaluable.

Wendy Burke
Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist – Australia


Course Enrolment Cost: $1800 +GST
Payment Plan $300/month x 6 instalments available at checkout.

Time Investment: 2 live trainings per month, approx 16 hours of training in total plus there will be guest lecture recordings and the interactive Facebook group.

CPE Points

At the end of the 6 months you will receive a certificate of completion and can use the program for CPE points.

Typically, you are given 1 point for every 2 hours of education and depending on extra videos it is likely you will be able to claim 10 CPE points.

Please be aware this class does not give you a diploma or specific qualification, it is a mentoring group and does not enable you to call yourself a sports nutritionist.

Mentoring Call Times

The first class of the month will be 1.5 hours and the second class approx 1 hour in length.

Upon booking you can select your preferred training call times for either Thursday evenings or Friday mornings (see below for details). This keeps each live session to groups of 6-12 so everyone gets a chance to ask questions and share.

Note: All classes are recorded and available to watch or replay when convenient if you can’t make it live.

GROUP 1: 7-8/8:30pm on the first and third Thursday of the month
November 5th and 19th
December 3rd and 17th
January 7th and 21st
February 4th and 11th (note these are the 1st and 2nd weeks of the month)
March 4th and 18th
April 1st and 15th (or 22nd depending on school holidays)

GROUP 2: 9-10/10:30am on the first and third Friday of the month
November 6th and 20th
December 4th and 18th
January 8th and 22nd (note these are 2nd and 4th Fridays of January, as no class on 1st)
February 5th and 12th
March 5th and 19th
April 2nd and 16th (or 23rd depending on school holidays)

All class times are in AEDT (Sydney daylight savings time)

All classes are recorded and available to watch or replay when convenient if you can’t make it live.

Payment Plan Option

A monthly payment plan option is available for this program.

To access the payment plan option, click where prompted on this page to enrol in the mentoring program and you will see the payment plan option at checkout.

The payment plan is 6 equal monthly payments of $300+GST.

Payments are taken via automatic charge to bank card/credit card only. There are no additional fees for this service unless payments default.

You are responsible for the full due amount for this course, and to ensure that there are adequate funds available each month to pay the due fees.

To arrange a different payment plan to what is available, this may be an option I can coordinate, please contact me prior to enrolment to organise.

Questions? Email me now and ask, I’d be happy to answer.