Why sport's nutrition is important in clinical practice

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Hey, Naturopaths and Nutritionists! Let's discuss sports nutrition in your clinical practice. Did you know it can be applied to all your clients, even if they are not "athletes"? Many of its principles are used by everyone who exercises, especially those trying to change their metabolic health.

Are you feeling apprehensive about it? Are you overwhelmed or unsure how to integrate it into your clinical practice with your clients?

Firstly, let’s examine the scope of sports nutrition, how it diffe…

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Seasonal Eating: Maximizing Flavour and Nutrition Naturally

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In today's busy world, the pursuit of a healthy diet can sometimes seem daunting, not to mention expensive. Yet, there's an approach to nutrition that not only promotes well-being but also helps you save money: Seasonal Eating.

Let's look into the world of seasonal eating and explore its numerous advantages.

What is Seasonal Eating?

Seasonal eating means enjoying foods that naturally flourish during the current season.

In the past, seasonal eating was the norm. But with advancements in techn…

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The Ultimate Guide to Intermittent Fasting for Women: Benefits, Tips, and More

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Trends come and go in the nutrition world and Intermittent fasting has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years, there isn’t a week that goes by where clients come to me and share their Intermittent fasting schedule.


Intermittent fasting is a popular diet strategy that involves cycling between periods of fasting and eating. While it's gained a lot of attention in recent years, especially for weight loss, there are some important considerations for women who are considering intermitte…

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Metabolic Health and Vitality for Women Over 40


In this podcast episode, Lara Briden and I share a closer look at metabolic health for women over 40, specifically:

  • The missing health science for mid-life women and the science sex gap.
  • The dynamics between insulin, mitochondria, and cellular metabolism.
  • How the nutritional advice often suggested for men and young women does not always apply to mid-life women.
  • The role of muscle and mitochondria in health and metabolism.
  • Updated weight loss strategies for women over 40.
  • If the ketogenic…

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Perimenopause & Performance for Women 40+


In this podcast episode I share a closer look at perimenopause and performance for women over 40, specifically:

  • the hormonal picture
  • the role of insulin
  • how to optimise intermittent fasting
  • what’s the deal with alcohol
  • the importance of having other strategies to nourish your nervous system
  • exercise
  • and so much more.

Listen to the podcast via:

Metabolic Health & Vitality For Women Over 40

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Perimenopause and Performance for Women Over 40 with Lara Briden and Kira Sutherland


Recently Lara Briden and I had the opportunity to chat about Metabolic Health and Vitality for Women over 40 on the Natural Medicine Podcast. If this is something you're interested in, today's post is for you. We cover the lived experience of women transitioning through perimenopause to menopause and the physical and emotional aspects clinician's need to be mindful on when working with women over 40. In this episode, we chatted about:

  • Anabolic elements of estrogen
  • Why alcohol is an important…

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Plant Focused Nutrition For The Active Female

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Plant focused nutrition is something I am often asked about. If this is something you're interested in, today's post is for you. Recently, I was a guest on the Plant Based Kick Starter podcast with host Elly McLean where we chatted all things plant-focused nutrition for active women. In this episode, we chatted about:

and much more. You can listen in below, or on Spoti…

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Sports Nutrition For Active Women

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There's a lot of confusion around sports nutrition for women. And whether you're an athlete, gym junkie, a runner, wanting to build muscle in midlife, or just need to get fit and healthy again after pregnancy - it's hard to know how the right way to fuel your needs. I was recently featured in the Wholehearted Health & Nutrition podcast with Samantha Bennett, where we chatted about exactly this topic. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Is the protein powder you're using good? Or should you even b…

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Nutrition for Active Women

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Did you know that most sports nutrition studies are done on men only? It's true. Which means understanding nutrition for active women can be a challenge. Here's the thing - since women are not just small men, it's important to learn what works best for females, whether we're athletes, weekend warriors, or anything in between. That's one reason I was so pleased to be a guest on Jules Galloway's Straight Talking Natural Health podcast to talk about this very thing. In this episode, we cover nutrit…

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Wellness, Weight Loss and Women with ATMS

The ATMS National Seminar Series is back for another year and I am lecturing.. Between March and June 2019, Lara Briden and I will be touring Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth teaching you all  about the female reproductive hormones’ influence on nutrition, metabolism and general health.

Our one-day seminar, will combine our expertise in sports nutrition and women’s health to bring you unique insights into metabolic challenges such as PCOS and menopause as well as a woman-cen…

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