Nutrition for Active Women

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Did you know that most sports nutrition studies are done on men only? It's true. Which means understanding nutrition for active women can be a challenge. Here's the thing - since women are not just small men, it's important to learn what works best for females, whether we're athletes, weekend warriors, or anything in between. That's one reason I was so pleased to be a guest on Jules Galloway's Straight Talking Natural Health podcast to talk about this very thing. In this episode, we cover nutrition for active women, including:

  • What to eat before and after training to feel good and have more energy.
  • Whether we should train in a fasted state or eat beforehand.
  • Should you use protein powders and if so, which one?
  • Pre-workouts - and why they're on the sh*t list for a lot of women.
  • How to protect your adrenals and prevent burnout.

Plus why I truly dislike the word "biohack." Listen to my lively conversation with Jules all about nutrition for women here.