Sports Nutrition Course Online Sneak Peek


I've got a special sneak peek for you today related to a Sports Nutrition Course online I'll be presenting on the 22nd of March. That sports nutrition course will be different from the usual slides and technical teaching. Instead, I'll walk you through case studies that illustrate exactly how I work with my clients, as well as all the things I use to help them with performance, recovery, and injury, including:

  • nutrients - macro and micro
  • fuelling
  • vitamins
  • supplements
  • and more

In this short sneak peek podcast/video, I share some tips about different ways to fuel for strength vs endurance sports and what kind of protein/carbohydrate ratios you should be using for your specific activities. Other things we touch on include:

  • over-training syndrome
  • how stress affects your fatigue, training, and performance
  • some specific tips on using magnesium
  • injury prevention and treatment
  • bone treatment and healing
  • managing soft tissue damage
  • naturopathic sports medicine along with traditional medicine

And more! Check out this dynamic conversation to get an idea of what the sports nutrition course on March 22nd will be about. Check out the video sneak peek here: Or listen to the Podcast version here: If you'd like to attend this sports nutrition course online (for registered practitioners only), you can register here: