Podcast feature: Muscle Health and Cardiometabolic Health

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There is an interrelationship between muscle and cardiometabolic health that can often be forgotten or misunderstood. Listen to Sports dietitian Dr Dominique Condo and I as we discuss the mechanism while also equipping practitioners and patients with the tools they need to ensure healthy muscle growth and development at any age and life stage.

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Sports Nutrition & Recovery Guidelines for Everybody


In this episode, Elly McLean and I talk about nutrition and recovery guidelines that are relevant to anyone who exercises regularly and wants to maximise their training outcomes. Whether it be for the sake of endurance performance, muscle growth or fat burning. We talk about the importance of post training nutrition for recovery, including what should be in your post training meal. You will learn why athletes should take a holistic view of their training, nutrition and recovery strategies. Liste…

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Metabolic Health and Vitality for Women Over 40


In this podcast episode, Lara Briden and I share a closer look at metabolic health for women over 40, specifically:

  • The missing health science for mid-life women and the science sex gap.
  • The dynamics between insulin, mitochondria, and cellular metabolism.
  • How the nutritional advice often suggested for men and young women does not always apply to mid-life women.
  • The role of muscle and mitochondria in health and metabolism.
  • Updated weight loss strategies for women over 40.
  • If the ketogenic…

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Perimenopause & Performance for Women 40+


In this podcast episode I share a closer look at perimenopause and performance for women over 40, specifically:

  • the hormonal picture
  • the role of insulin
  • how to optimise intermittent fasting
  • what’s the deal with alcohol
  • the importance of having other strategies to nourish your nervous system
  • exercise
  • and so much more.

Listen to the podcast via:

Metabolic Health & Vitality For Women Over 40

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Perimenopause and Performance for Women Over 40 with Lara Briden and Kira Sutherland


Recently Lara Briden and I had the opportunity to chat about Metabolic Health and Vitality for Women over 40 on the Natural Medicine Podcast. If this is something you're interested in, today's post is for you. We cover the lived experience of women transitioning through perimenopause to menopause and the physical and emotional aspects clinician's need to be mindful on when working with women over 40. In this episode, we chatted about:

  • Anabolic elements of estrogen
  • Why alcohol is an important…

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Sports Nutrition Course Online Sneak Peek


I've got a special sneak peek for you today related to a Sports Nutrition Course online I'll be presenting on the 22nd of March. That sports nutrition course will be different from the usual slides and technical teaching. Instead, I'll walk you through case studies that illustrate exactly how I work with my clients, as well as all the things I use to help them with performance, recovery, and injury, including:

  • nutrients - macro and micro
  • fuelling
  • vitamins
  • supplements
  • and more

In this s…

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Quantity vs Quality: How To Do A Macro Eating Plan Right

Have you been hearing a lot about macro eating lately? Me too. But I have some concerns about what I'm seeing. So let's take a look today at how to do a macro eating plan right.

I follow a lot of health, wellbeing, and fitness folk on social media. I do this for two reasons.

The first is that I love supporting my community. I love having a strong network of peeps I can call on, share with, or be inspired by.

The second is, it’s a great way of keeping on the pulse of what food philosophies are trend…

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Plant Focused Nutrition For The Active Female

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Plant focused nutrition is something I am often asked about. If this is something you're interested in, today's post is for you. Recently, I was a guest on the Plant Based Kick Starter podcast with host Elly McLean where we chatted all things plant-focused nutrition for active women. In this episode, we chatted about:

and much more. You can listen in below, or on Spoti…

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Optimise Your Diet To Get The Most Out Of Your Exercise And Training


When it comes to eating for sports performance, there's a big gap in research for women. The truth is, most sports research is centred around men, but men and women don't benefit from the same approach to exercise and nutrition. And let's not forget about protein - how much do you need? What kind? How do you know what to eat and what not to eat? As a guest on the Period Party podcast, we chatted about all of this, including:

  • Differences between how female and male bodies respond to exercise

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Sports Nutrition For Active Women

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There's a lot of confusion around sports nutrition for women. And whether you're an athlete, gym junkie, a runner, wanting to build muscle in midlife, or just need to get fit and healthy again after pregnancy - it's hard to know how the right way to fuel your needs. I was recently featured in the Wholehearted Health & Nutrition podcast with Samantha Bennett, where we chatted about exactly this topic. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Is the protein powder you're using good? Or should you even b…

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